The Good old D...s

The D from October 29, 1965
Do you remember this?

The D from October 28, 1965
From our days of Freshman fall...

The D from October 24, 1965
Hardly seems like 50 years ago. Oh, wait...

The D from October 21, 2965
Four years ago, this was NEWS...

The D from October 20, 1965
Do you remember...?

The D from October 19, 1965
Those were the days, my friend...we thought they'd never end...those were the days!

The D from October 12, 1965
Do you remember when...?

The D from October 9, 1965
Time travel is safe and fun...

The D from October 8, 1965
Any '69s remember this?

The D from October 6, 1965
A blast from our past....

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Class News and Updates

7/18/2016Hudson River Valley Mini-Max Reunion

Read about our fantastic July 2016 Mini-Max Reunion in the Hudson River Valley.


7/14/2016New book by Paul Pillar '69

Classmate and former CIA analyst Paul Pillar's most recent book,"Why America Misunderstands the World" was an Editor's Pick in the most recent edition of The Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (DAM). 

If you are not sure you need to read this, check out Dave Mattingly's review.

(Web'ster '69) 


4/11/2016Citi Field Mets Event
Another successful Mini Reunion at Citi Field for a Mets Game.

4/10/2016Trivia night with the 19s
What a fantastic time we had on Saturday, April 9th, sharing a Trivia Night in Collis with the Class of 2019.

4/7/2016July 11-12-13 MiniMax Reunion in Cold Spring, NY
The first Class of '69 MiniMax Reunion is coming your way! Will you join us?

3/26/2016Connecting to the D track team in Raleigh, NC
Dudley Kay relates that he and Jill had a great time with the Dartmouth Track Team competing in NC on Spring Break.

3/24/2016July 2016 MiniMax Reunion Event
Learn about a '69 event planned for July 2016 in the Hudson River Valley! Join us.

9/23/1965The D from September 23, 1965
An article from the D during our first week in Hanover...

9/23/1965The D from September 23, 1965
An article in The D from our first week in Hanover...

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